Olá! I'm Lucas Sallum.
A senior independent product designer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


🏪 I'm with Bume creating new products and services for small business marketing.

💸 Working on a p2p lending platform with the folks from em.cash.

💻 Helping my amazing friends at Abstracto Studio crafting their new digital presence.

+7 years on UX/UI industry

I've been working as a digital product designer for the past seven years. On this journey, I had the opportunity to hands on projects for big corps like Pfizer and Cisco while I was at iOasys team. Then, I started to help smaller projects grow exponentially, like ClubPetro.

I hold a master's degree in Design and Multimedia from the Coimbra University (Portugal), where I did an investigation into the physical and digital relationships between color and sound - one of my great passions.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss a project or know more about my work.

I can help you with product discovery, user research, user flows, prototype, design systems, and user interface in general.

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